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Saturday, 25 February 2012


Judgement : This is the 21st card in the major arcana.

Its appearance within a spread can signify a time for achievement and rewards for past efforts.  There may well be an opportunity heading your way, so now would be a good time to consider where you are in your life now and to get things in order.

There is a new  life phase on the way and you need to be ready to  move with it and reach your potential as events could happen at a greater pace than expected. Infact, life in general appears to be travelling at quite a pace.

If your progress has been hampered by lingering health issues over the past few months, then this card could signify a recovery and new lease of life is on the horizon.

If this card falls reversed into the spread, it means that you may be reluctant to change even though change may be necessary.

You may be afraid of what the change will mean, worried about your health, full of self-doubt or even be carrying guilt relating to past mistakes. Allowing yourself to wallow in these negative aspects of your life serves no purpose, other than to blur your vision of the path ahead and delay the inevitable.

Remember that this is only one card, it is important to take the positions and interpretations of all other cards into account, in order to obtain a more cohesive and contextual reading.

Blessed be.


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