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Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Empress

The Empress :  This is the 4th card in the major arcana.

When this card presents in a favourable position with in a spread, it is the epitome of Mother Earth.  The main areas to be influenced by this card revolve around prosperity, love, fertility, motherhood, nature, artistic endeavors and new beginnings.

There may be news of a pregnancy or birth of a child. It can also indicate the the start of a new project.  Now would be a good time to get closer to nature.  Why not make a start on that kitchen garden, grow some herbs or just book a weekend away in the country.

When reversed, this card can signify some degree of domestic upheaval. A woman who has a significant  role in your life, may be a little over-protective and is not averse to resorting to emotional blackmail to get her way.

Keep a close eye on your finances,  as you may be experiencing or about to experience  some lean times ahead.

There may be news of infertility or an unwanted / unplanned pregnancy.

Remember that this is only one card, it is important to take the positions and interpretations of all other cards into account, in order to obtain a more cohesive and contextual reading.

Blessed be.


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