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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Today's combination


This is an intriguing combination to encounter within the basic three card spread.  At first glance, the combination would seem to be indicative of a time of change/ turmoil in relation to work and financial aspects of the querants life.

I find that in this instance, I am drawn immediately to The Tower.This card suggests  a time of major upheaval, but also implies a period of reflection and re-evaluation  will bring about new directions and opportunities.

It may feel like an uneasy and restless time, with sudden, unexpected changes, but it is a necessary phase of transition. Once the dust has settled, one will be able to see that all the upheaval was for the best.

This card can also represent delays or unexpected issues surrounding property. Perhaps there is a delay in completing the purchase of a new house, or maybe that survey has unearthed some major works needed before a sale can go through.

Regardless of whether the difficulty faced is financial or emotional turmoil, remember that this phase will pass.  If nothing else, the experience will have made you a much wiser and stronger person.  Make the most of the new opportunities that will present themselves.

The Knight of Wands represents the past and more significantly, is suggestive of some significant upheaval on the horizon, which ties in nicely with the card occupying the Present position. Now that may be something as simple as moving house to a change of career or travel overseas... or even all three.

It is also representative of a younger male who may have had some influence on the current situation.  He may have come accross as a strong and athletic person with plenty of get up and go. Could he have been the catalyst for all the upheaval currently being experienced?

So, with the Knight of Wands and The Tower so entwined, what does the future hold?

Well, contrary to how things stand at the moment, the Three of Pentacles relates to all things material, work, business, money and wealth. Success or failure will depend upon how strong the foundation is. Did you start on firm ground or soft? If your foundations were firm, then recognition of personal efforts, teamwork and future prosperity will soon be within your grasp, although it may not happen as quickly as you might wish, but they will happen.

As the saying goes 'Fail to plan ... plan to fail' cutting corners is a sure fire way to hit delays in projects leading to criticism and  bitterness on your part.


Although things may feel far from 'Good' at the moment, it is a necessary process that will make you stronger in the long run. A necessary 'Evil' if you will. Perseverance and preparation are the key words to remember, for when all the dust has settled, success will be just around the corner and well within your grasp... if you want it.

Blessed be.... Eva

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