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Monday, 9 July 2012

The Devil

THE  DEVIL :  This is the 16th card in the major arcana.

When this card falls in a favourable position, it indicates a sense of permanence or commitment.  So it can be a good card to encounter if you are considering a marriage proposal or making a more permanent commitment to any relationship.

However, in almost all other situations, this card signifies less favourable outcomes.

It has strong connections with negative issues of Lust, Tyranny, Greed, Anger, Ignorance, Obsession and possibly Entrapment.

It suggests that you should consider all relationships that lean towards the obsessive very cautiously. Do not allow your decisions to be made in the heat of Greed , Power and Lust as no good will ever come of such situations.

If nothing else, this card is giving you the opportunity to consider your motives whilst you still can.

Blessed be.


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