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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Card Combinations - Ace of Wands & The Empress

When these two cards make and appearance side-by-side within a spread almost always relates to the news of a birth or pregnancy. Whether this is to be the enquirer, or someone close to them, remains to be seen.

The Ace of Wands  brings the masculine energy to this pairing, as well as the attributes associated with the element of FIRE : illumination, warmth, comfort, cleansing, birth and re-birth.

Even the destructive force of fire can be seen as a positive aspect, for as fire cleanses, it also clears away the stagnation and deadwood that may have been holding things back, allowing for new and stronger growth.

There is a dynamic enthusiasm for new ideas, projects and even new life.

The Empress obviously brings the feminine element necessary to create new life. She encompasses all the elemental attributes to support and nurture as required.

When combined with the Ace of Wands, she can be interpreted as symbolising a 'Mother figure' which in turn represents all potential form of motherhood, even if that means adoption, fostering or IVF.

She also indicates good, solid and happy relationships. Marriage may also be a possibility.

All-in-all, this would appear to be a wonderful combination of cards if the answers you seek are regarding family, relationship and fertility issues.

Blessed be


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