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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Court Cards - The Queen's

The Queen of Wands :

May  represent a woman of any age from 18 years onward.

May have red/fair hair, brown or blue eyes.

Positive Traits : Exhibits a warm, practical and homely demeanor yet is able to maintain a level of independence.

Negative Traits :  Tendency to be overbearing, a domineering 'Queen Bee' and can be vindictive.

Potential Meaning : Avoid being over reliant on others. Your tendency to be shy or introverted may well be slowing you down, restricting your progress and potential.

The Queen of Cups :

May represent a woman of any age.

May have brown/brunette hair, blue or brown eyes.

Positive Traits : Exhibit an artistic and affectionate nature, can be quite intuitive.

Negative Traits : Can be disloyal, unfaithful and show a tendency to be vain.

Potential Meanings : Beware of being over emotional, allowing your heart to rule your head or behaving irrationally. You may feel the need to make a gesture that demonstrates your affection for someone.

 The Queen of Swords :

May represent a woman of any age.

May have fair/brown hair, grey/green eyes.

Positive Traits : Shows intelligence, independence and can be quite perceptive.

Negative Traits : Can be critical, devious and insincere.

Potential Meanings : Now is the time to concentrate very hard on  your goals and objectives, this will help to overcome any obstacles.   Resorting to manipulation to get what you want, will back fire on you.

The Queen of Pentacles :

May represent a woman of any age.

May have black/dark hair, dark eyes.

Positive Traits : Generally appear to be financially responsible, down to earth and compassionate.

Negative Traits : Can be materialistic, suspicious and  insecure.

Potential Meanings : Have a tendency too worry about financial matters. Can being overly protective of others.

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