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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Card Combinations - Overview

Good morning and welcome.

Now that we have completed an overview of the complete tarot deck, now is the perfect time to examine some of the possible combinations.

Obviously, when reading and interpreting the tarot, one must take into account the various inter-relationships of the cards. Identifying which cards stand in support or opposition of an indicated event, will give greater clarification of possible options available to the Enquirer. 

This will depend on many factors, not least of which will revolve around the cards positions within the chosen spread and any specific combinations present.

Not surprisingly, most enquiries revolve around affairs of the heart, followed by ( but in no particular order) finances, work, health and property.
Over the next few days I will offer examples of these combinations. Remember, these are by no means an exhaustive list and you may come across slight variations of interpretation , as in addition to the 'Standard' meaning of the cards, each reader will draw further information based on their own intuitive interpretation of the spread.

The main role of the tarot is for 'Guidance.' What or how the enquirer chooses to act on or ignore the information provided by the cards, is upto them. It is their choices that ultimately affect their future.

 Blessed be


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