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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tarot Cards of the Day. The Three's

Three of Wands :

Your Strengths

Fire              Has the ability to bring warmth and re-birth, but also destruction if not controlled. It represents our creativity, ambition and inspiration. As such it becomes the element that governs our desires, projects and achievements.

Positive traits : New ventures, Strength of own conviction, Partnerships and Relationships

Negative traits : Failure to stand ground, Frustration and Clashes of personality.

Three of Cups :

Time of plenty

Water          When in it's normal state, the fluidity of water represents the ebb and flow of our emotions, relationships and affairs of the heart.  If frozen it can represent challenges or stagnation. As steam, it could represent emotional turmoil and a tendency to over react. It governs the suit of Cups, which are good containers when handle correctly, but if knocked off balance, can readily spill their contents.

Positive traits : A time of fertility, happiness and creativity

Negative traits : Lust, Sex without love, Self absorbed and Exploitation

Three of Swords :


Air                Represents issues surrounding character, intelligence, communication and values. As this element governs the suit of swords, it often suggest challenges that will test the mettle of a persons character, intelligence, communication skills and personal values.

Positive traits: A time of new beginnings

Negative traits :Heartache, disharmony and acrimonious liaisons

Three of Pentacles :

Material success

Earth           This is the element that relates to all things material, work, business, money and wealth. Success or failure will depend upon how strong the foundation is. Did you start on firm ground or soft? It is easy to see why when you consider where the worlds economic wealth hails from. Whether it is precious metals, gems, gas or oil, all need to be removed from the Earth.

Positive traits : Recognition of personal efforts, teamwork and prosperity

Negative traits : Delays in projects, criticism and  bitterness

 Until tomorrow,

 Blessed be.


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