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Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Sun

THE  SUN: This is the 20th card in the major arcana.

Whenever this card shows its most welcome side in a reading, all I can hear are the words to 'Here comes the Sun' written by George Harrison from the 1969 Beatles album  'Abbey Road.'

It truly does enthuse a positive mental attitude. Whether it's with family, friends or colleagues, now is a good time to enjoy the company that you are with.

Perhaps you are finally off on that well earned holiday or organising a party, The Sun casts a positive vibe over all it surveys.

Be prepared for news on the children front, it may be news of a much wanted pregnancy or even an unexpected one, if not your own, then someone close to you.

Any negativity will get the old 'Heave Ho,' and promises of happy endings abound.

When reversed, this card can signify a delay to your plans, but before you start casting around looking for someone to blame, take a good long look in the mirror.  Is it possible that your own inflated ego or arrogance is the root of the problem? 

Blessed be.


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