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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Court Cards - The Knights

The Knight of Wands :

May  represent a young man less than 40 years old.

May have fair hair with grey or blue eyes.

Positive Traits : Strong vitality, vigorous, athletic, can have an unpredictable nature.

Negative Traits :  Can be argumentative, have a tendency to violence and jealousy.

Potential Meaning :There may be some dramatic changes on the horizon; a move of home,  possibility of travel overseas.

The Knight of Cups :

May represent a young man less than 40  years old.

May be fair/brown hair, grey or blue eyes.

Positive Traits :  Generally enthusiastic, artistic/creative, can be passionate about many things that hold special interest for them.

Negative Traits :  Can employ devious methods, may be immoral and have a lack of faith in their beliefs and those around them.

Potential Meanings - Be on the look out for sudden changes in your emotional state as instant attractions and amorous relationships are indicated.  Alternatively, your emotions may be abused by a fickle lover.

   The Knight of Swords :

May represent a young man less than 40 years old.

May have dark hair, dark eyes.

Positive Traits : Shows signs of courage, intelligence and can be witty.

Negative Traits :  Has a tendency to be reckless, impetuous and headstrong at times.

Potential Meanings : A time of conflicts is possible. A whirlwind of events that could leave you confused and feeling everything and everyone are so unpredictable now.

The Knight of Pentacles

May represent a young man less than 40 years old.

May have brown hair, brown/dark eyes.

Positive Traits : Have a good grasp of all things practical, are hardworking and truthful

Negative Traits :  May appear smug, complacent and lazy at times.

Potential Meanings : There will be some improvements in your financial situation but patience is required. Alternatively, you will have some temporary set backs financially.

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