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Monday, 22 August 2011

Court Cards - The King's

The King of Wands :

May represent a man aged 35  or older.

May have red/fair hair, hazel or grey eyes.

Positive Traits :  Generally a traditionalist, fair and courageous.

Negative Traits : Can be a little too autocratic, prone to prejudice and  intolerance.

Potential Meaning : You may feel a need to develop some level of psychological balance which will help you to  gain wisdom along the way. Ideals and practicalities will merge, enabling you to act with a sense of integrity.

 The King of Cups :

May represent a man aged 35 or older.

May have fair hair, blue eyes.

Positive Traits :  Often present as charming and usually the life and soul of a party. Can demonstrate good mediation skills.

Negative Traits :  Can be a little self centred at times. Prone to be treacherous and secretive.

Potential Meanings : Your renowned diplomacy may be required if you have to act as mediator between two factions. Although your mediation's skills are good, you won't always be able to persuade rivals to come to an understanding.

 The King of Swords :

May represent a man aged 35 or older.

May have black/dark hair, dark eyes.

Positive Traits : Have a rational approach to situations, can be authoritative and wise

Negative Traits :  Can deploy bullying tactics to get desired results. Calculating and impersonal  in manner.

Potential Meaning :  You have the ability to take charge of your life and make things happen for you. Failure to seize opportunities will leave you feeling controlled by others.

 The King of Pentacles :

May represent a man aged 35 or older.

May have black/dark hair, dark eyes.

Positive Traits :  Known to be patient, trustworthy and practical .

Negative Traits :  Can become materialistic, insensitive and jealous.

Potential Meanings :  Being  resolute in your actions will lead to financial gain. There is good fortune in money matters, unless you have strong opponents working against you. This could delay positive results.

Blessed be.


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