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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Tower

THE  TOWER:  This is the 17th card in the major arcana.

This card suggests that there is about to be a time of major upheaval.  A period of reflection and re-evaluation that will bring about new directions and opportunities.

It may feel like an uneasy and restless time, with sudden, unexpected changes, but it is a necessary phase of transition. Once the dust has settled, you will be able to see that all the upheaval was for the best.

This card can also represent delays or unexpected issues surrounding property. Perhaps there is a delay in completing the purchase of a new house, or maybe that survey has unearthed some major works needed before you can sell yours.

The Tower represents unnecessary suffering when reversed. False accusations, periods of isolation and rebellious attitudes are possible at this time.

Regardless of whether you face monetary or emotional turmoil, remember that this phase will pass.  If nothing else, the experience will have made you a much wiser and stronger person.  Make the most of the new opportunities that will present themselves.

Blessed be.


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